The Unconditional Love 

Seeing the aurora of this morning, My eyes are filled with memories of sunny days, When I used to reach college before you and wait for you On the first floor window, obsessed with your craze. The euphoria of just seeing you happy Hasn't changed yet, it's the same till date, I know even you love me , maybe more than I do, We are quiet wishing each other's happiness, both have different gates! I still remember the day, when we last met each other, It was not at all sorrow, my eyes were full of tears of happiness, I didn't want to say, "I will wait for you!" Because I wanted you to fly high unbounded, It was like the moment paused and we were in solitude, We didn't need words to express! If there is something beyond this life, Something beyond this mortal body, Something beyond time and space, It's this unconditional love that we both embody!


I want to spend my life in Goloka, Where Radha Krishna live for eternity, the city of love, Beyond the ocean of material world, This city exists much above! When I wake up, I want to see the divine love, And chant the holy name of Radhe Krishna, I want to reach Radhe and adorn her and get her ready, Along with other gopis to perform raas with sweet Radha. Then Shri Krishna plays his flute chanting Radha's name Our eyes close automatically, and the moment just stops, Then Radha runs towards her only love, her Kanha, It's time for Krishna Shringaar with five elements and peacock feather at top There are birds singing and The nature is loved by the soft breeze blowing, The smell of roses and the parijat and Prasadam, And I can hear the cows mooing. If seen with jealousy, you can see one Kanha Dancing with all gopis and Radha, But when observed with love, you can see only Radha krishna Dancing in multiple forms! When I close my eyes at the night, I want to feel the soft breeze on my eyes, I want to still see the Supreme lord and his shakti Sitting on the swing of love, high above it swings and flies!

Let them be free!!

Try to hold the sand in your hands,
It will slip through the gaps of your fingers,
Try to hold the water in your fist
It won't stay there , it is sure to escape..
When you cage a bird, it is sure to die void of freedom,
Freedom to fly high in the sky and take breathe in fresh air,
Similarly, don't ever try to hold any relationship,
Let the people whom you love be free!


If I had any superpower,
I wish it was love in my soul,
Love as innocent and ultimate,
As Radha, the goddess of love!
Love is the light that slowly gulps in darkness,
Love is the beauty which will never vanish,
Love is the power that showers happiness,
Love is the one that will always flourish!
I wish if I can cure people with smile of love,
And there was no need of costly medicines,
I wish if I was able to preach and spread love,
Amid the community to help people keep away from sins!
I wish I was able to play flute uttering the name of love,
The name of Radha and Krishna,
I wish I am able to meet them one day with this superpower,
And thank them for the blessings and eternal love they shower!

About the Writer :

Yukta Hindurao Rane is an Engineer by profession. She completed her graduation in 2021. She started writing at the age of 18. She loves poetry and writing quotes. Besides writing, she loves sketching and singing. She is aiming to be the future novelist. She has contributed to 50+ anthologies as co-author, she is the compiler of 7 anthologies, she has been the community head of a publication. She is the author of 'Little Magic of Words' available on Amazon, Notion Press and Flipkart. Apart from that, she is mandala artist as well and loves to sketch. 

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