Ranipuram -The trekking dairy by Kowsalya Devanga

Hurray, the sound from heart. There was a trekking to Ranipuram. We Ncc army and navy wing from University college Mangalore,We had decided to go that place in Kerala.We had halted in our college the previous night and watched the movie URI the surgical strike.It was a really a good movie with goosebumps moment, after movie we had dinner and we slept in our classrooms and few slept down and few slept on the bench. 

‌In the next day morning,we were divided into four groups and made to sit and distributed the things to be carried .Our group got large utensils to carried and i carried large mat to lie down.Later we starting to walk towards railway station. The railway station was every close to our college.We climbed the train and had fun and played a lot and we reached Kanhangod and moved to bus to reach the our destination. The songs in the bus made us dance and had fun. After certain time the bus was unable to move in hill We started carrying our things and started walking to our resort . It was a beautiful resort with its own beauty. Few among ourselves started cooking from the things we brought and started serving after few time and we had the good lunch prepared by our friends and we were ready to play. We were given pick and speak game, we all spoke really well and moved on to the next game, the 'treasure hunt'. We were given many clues and ran everywhere to find the location, everything was going good, but we had mixed up with other teams and the clue cards were mixed up and the game had finished In the confusion.
It was a evening time, all were having their tea and snacks. My friends we
were trying to call thier parents to inform about thier arrival , but there was no Internet connection there. But lucky, my BSNL sim had network and all my friends started talking to thier housemates. It was a night time, everyone started to showcase their talent, some sang, some danced, some acted, but my friends and I were dancing together without any practice. It was really fun to do. All enjoyed the performance and had dinner . After dinner there was a camp fire,it was the highlight for that night and danced around the camp fire site and danced randomly without any break, we didn't stop the dance even though we were tired, we enjoyed each and every moment and danced till the fire camp fire was left off.
‌Later we reached our room, we all girls, were given a large Hall to sleep. It was best girls night out . We were all exhausted and excited to watch our destination the next day. We woke up early in the morning with 4 hours sleep and got freshen up and got ready to have breakfast, we had light food so that we would climb the hill. Later we given to write slogan about stop using plastic in a board . My slogan was, "Say no to plastic and stay fantastic".We had to carry the slogan till our destination. We started to walk the slope, with water bottle and the paths to the hill station were hard. Initally we would not move, later we gave ourself after ups and downs . We had sliped in many place but we never gave up. Finally we walked through the harder steps to reach the our destination. Yes it was the most beautiful place and it was like a heaven to watch all the greenery and hills  around us . I was very happy to look at its beauty, it was the queen  of hills. Hence it was named Ranipuram.
After our hills view, we started walking towards our resort and on the way we ate orange in between our walks in a small forest and reached to our resort and we had lunch and the payasam was, prepared by the resort care taker and it was the tastiest. We started packing our bags.We started to vacate our place and moved to bus, on returning on bus, all were tired and slept. We reached the railway station. My senior and I were walking to together towards railway station, we started taking many things, at one stage, I found that she was my childhood friend ten years ago, it was  a really surprised things for both of us. We went as strangers and returned as best friends. It was a unforgettable railway station of my life in which I found my old dear friend. We climbed the train to reach our home town. We were sharing each other's pictures and recalled our 2 days memories.We reached Mangalore central Station and we moved to bus stop to reach our home.
     It was a awesome tour from our college and I never excepted it would be our first and last tour in my college life,due to pandemic situations. 

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