THE BLUE SAPPHIRE- HIS CONSORT (Queen with precious royal crown...) by Anuradha Gupta


I always had a desire for that precious moment to come true not just once but every morning after I wake up & every night after I fall asleep. The moment which will be the most precious & prestigious one for me firstly when the day he will accept me completely with my entire past & upcoming future dreams to allow me for successfully making it a reality which I've planned for our beautiful bond & relation. I'm waiting for that precious moment when he'll propose me by saying- "Will you be mine please...!? Will you marry me...!?" (with the romantic sweet smile on his dashing face) offering me basket of bluebells flower instead of a rose just because it's thorns would hurt my soft fingers... He will know all my secrets & favourites like a ginne who will fulfill all my wish by my just one say... I'm waiting for that moment when we both will enter the marriage hall hand in hand looking like a perfect match of prestigious diamond & royal pearl in the dress of Mr. King & Ms. Queen who will also be known as Husband & Wife...

I'm eagerly but patiently looking forward for the day when he will own me & I will own him, no other will have any command on us, it will be the day when I'll make him feel like the ruler of this universe who owns the entire kingdom known as world/earth. No doubt he is really a gem to this world in the form of a great legend breathing so that the world could be saved from getting destroyed by their evil works... I can't stop myself imagine the moment when he will laureate me with the garland of the rarest flowers of this world Rosa- Juliet flower & green leaves with sparkling small beads inside it & the stage which will be decorated with again the rarest flowers of the world such as (Flame Lilly, Fire Lilly, chocolate cosmos, Kokia cookei, Jade Vine, Catchflies, Jade Vine, Silene tomentosa etc) I will be so happy and will dance on his favourite songs with him a couple steps & the frames/album we will be making of the pictures of our togetherness throughout the ceremony while we exchange the ENGAGEMENT EMERALD RING, the moment when we will apply vermillion (sindoor) on each other's hairline giving the message of true equality in commitment of being married, the moment when we both will put nuptial chain (mangalsutra) in each other's neck promising to be each other's wholly with eternal & immortal life to love unconditionally. In the meantime when he will be resting or gossiping with his relatives & friends, I myself will decorate our bedroom for the most beautiful night of our togetherness called as honeymoon with my honey staring at the moon... The bed full of beautiful colourful flowers & prestigious gemstones not one or two but mostly all such as- near the beautiful candles- Opal, Topaz, Amethyst, Ruby, Garnet, Quartz, Agate, Jade, Turquoise, Lapis lazuli, Aquamarine, Peridot, Tourmaline, Alexandrite, Citrine, Zircon, Jasper, Onyx, Amber, Beryl which are the rarest gems & jewels of this world, all over the room...

I'll Welcome his feets with red carpet on my hand & will allow him sit inside my heart's empire. I'll assure that our any night will not end without having conversations with the moon & stars, I'll assure that our nights won't end before we fulfill all are promised words done for the day because I can't rest in his arms peacefully unless I have the satisfaction for deserving his comfort zone to be priority...

I don't want my crazy & affectionate love to proove but I want him to accept me so that I can take care of him personally to satisfy my heart of servicing him till I sleep forever. Everynight when I'll massage his body & head with oil with cute cuddles & hickeys. Our babies will also be like us, the most precious prince & princess (children's of two gems).

We four with strangers no more in our life surving peacefully with eachother, by eachother, for eachother just growing everyday with more stronger & powerful love inside our heart in the process to change history & create future living with the present to present everyone with astonishing presents

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