World tour : A dream - by Sakshi Kapoor

World tour - A dream

Many of us love travelling. Many of us at some point of our life has thought about travelling the world. Maybe solo,maybe with friends or family or with their special someone.

Travelling is dream of many people specially those who likes to discover new places, new traditions and all the new things of different places. Travelling is an amazing way to learn a lot of things in life. A lot of people around the world travel every year to many places. Some travel to learn more while some travel to take a break from their life. No matter the reason, travelling opens a big door for us to explore the world beyond our imagination and indulge in many things. 
Travelling makes it easier to understand people. You will learn how other people eat, speak, live and more. When you get out of your comfort zone, you will become more sensitive towards other cultures and the people.

Being a person who loves traveling I've always planned about all the places I will be visiting in coming futures. I always wanted to travel the whole world. I've even made maps of all the places and noted down all the speciality of those places in my travel diary. Yes I have a travel diary, in that diary I use to write all the details about the places I want to travel. I always imagine what it will be like to travel the whole world. It will be like dream come true. 

In the fast-growing economy, everything is easy to access. It's a period of gadgets. All the things will be done with one click. Mobile makes your work easier and faster. If you plan for a holiday trip, just search on the internet and book the tickets online. You can get the best option by comparing with the other options. There is no need to go to an office to office to dig up the best options. You need only the money to avail of any service. But for the middle-class people, it's not an easy job.
I belong to a middle class family travelling the world is like next to impossible but I'm not going to give up. I'll work hard and to fulfill my dream of world tour I'll do all the hardwork required and I will travel the whole world one day for sure.
Till then I'll be travelling to different parts of my India and discover it's untouched beauty.

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