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What is Peaceful Writers International?

Peaceful Writers International is a Global Writing Community and an Indian-based Publication providing Inscribing Platform to amateur and budding writers for brushing up their Writing Skills globally. It's a Publication working in certain countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, etc...apart from India.

Peaceful Writers International conducts daily challenges, weekly contests, open mic sessions, Jugalbandi, etc...

PWI has extended its wings to various online social media and Writing Platforms to form numerous clubs and divisions. Let's have a look at the pretty list:

1. Medium Club
2. Tunes Club
3. Elite Feets Club
4. Calligraphy Club
5. Memes Club
6. Nojoto Club
7. Miraquill Club
8. YourQuote Club
9. Poetry Jam Club
10. PWI Lenshot Club
11. Jugalbandi Club
12. Novela Division
13. Lenshot Club

PWI also runs its own anthology divisions. Certificates are provided to the winners of the daily challenges conducted in both its Writing Communities.

About The Logo

The serene crystal white texture of the background implies the spotless canvas over which creativity can take any form it wants!
The 'P' comprising of a quill and a half olive leaves wreath signifies the beauty of the pen that brings peace and tranquility to its readers often followed by a wholesome satisfaction in the form of creativity essence as radiated by the faint lines in the interior curve of the 'P'.
The Butterfly in the logo signifies beauty and the lifespan it shows in which it procures a lot in a limited time, implying the fact that it doesn't matter how long it is, what matter is how many small moments have made it to that day... that's the very essence of writing. Starting from scratch and metamorphosizing it into a beauty!

The flowers surrounding the borders are diverse and show the individualistic flair of different and diverse writers and their work, also appreciating the diverse forms of art and artists!
Together with creativity, beauty, peace, perseverance, and diversity we get-"Peaceful Writers International" and our ultimate promise to everyone who has been a part of our family..."With you forever"!

About The Founders


Shreya Gupta

She is SHREYA GUPTA from the Silk city Bhagalpur, Bihar. She's currently pursuing her 11th with Stream PCB. She is simple, Grounded & a Short girl with full of positive vibe who wants to fly very high in the sky. She is International Book Record & OMG Book of Record holder. She is a passionate dancer & writer also who writes from the ink of Heart as writing is her belief & penning down her emotions gives her soothing relief. Fortuitously, she stepped in this World of Writing in Dec 2020, participated in many competitions, Worked as a Co-author, Compiler and now, She is founder of a global writing community and an Indian based Publication namely "Peaceful Writers International" which has its branches in upto 7 countries. Her aim is to illuminate the name of Bihar & PWI in the whole Universe. You can find on her Instagram @Shreya_rhyming_world


Archishman Satpathy often called "The Enthusiast Writer" is a young dynamic guy from Deogarh, Odisha, who is a young lad of 19.

He is the co-author of 300+ Anthologies and the Author of the book "LAKEEREIN ZINDAGI KE" & "SER ENTHUSIASTA".

He is the founder of Peaceful Writers International, an international Publication. In 2021, he won the REX Karamveer Global Youth Icon Award associated with Karamveer Chakra Awards and UN, and also won the "Youngest Writer to 200 Anthologies" award by IPA, GOI. He is the Coordinator of The Unicorn Tales, the Editor of The Sturdy Writers Community, the Technical Head of JRC.

He has also worked on a research project conducted jointly by ISRO and UNSPIDER. He is the core member of numerous MUNs.


Naaz, hailing from the City Of Joy, Kolkata. She started her passion for writing when she was in class 7. She’s a bibliophile from her childhood days.
Sketching, Graphic Designing, Public Speaking, and Calligraphy is some of her leisure tasks she loves to do it. She has represented her school in Handwriting Contest conducted by KALABHARATI CHILD ART DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE, PUNE and she bagged first position. She has competed WIZ NATIONAL SPELL BEE at State Level. She’s a District Level Painting Winner. Amidst everything, she’s in love with her Diary and Pen. She loves to pen down her emotions. Her every write-up symbolizes one or the other hand-to-hand experience of her life experience. She’s an aspiring romance poetess. She has co-authored 70+ anthologies and compiled 3 Anthologies. Presently she’s working on a book dedicated to all the boys of the society. She’s the OPERATING HEAD as well as CHIEF JUDGE of WORDS OF HEART writing COMMUNITY. GRAPHIC DESIGNER in SHILPAYAN. Winning has always been her thing in every field. With the foundation of Peaceful Writers International, she emphasizes to take PWI in international level and establish a position in the writing industry

REET CHAUHAN, Chief Operating Head

Reet Chauhan, a 19-year-old girl from New Delhi pursuing B.Sc. Hons. Computer Science from the University of Delhi.
She is interested in graphic designing, learning new computer languages and web designing. Professional life apart, she is a happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic, and ambitious girl. She is an amateur writer who expresses herself with her words. A girl from the outskirts of Delhi, ready to outshine her talent.
For more, follow her on Instagram: @thereetchauhan.

ALFIYA SUROOR KHAN, Chief Operating Head

This is Alfiya Suroor khan, pursuing her BA (ENGLISH HONOURS) from REVA UNIVERSITY, Bangalore. She is a commerce student and a writer from heart. Also a member of National service scheme ( NSS). She began writing for herself and eventually connected to anthologies, and started compiling and writing solo books too. 
She has been awarded for the best All Indian Writer Award and also a government authorised Certificate. The first book she Compiled was "Words that bleed" which is available on Amazon, she is yet compiling 6-8 books.
She has completed with two solo books, titled " The 21 fire freezers" and the other one is "The Collection Of Poems"
She is the Chief Operating Head of an international Community and Publication named as Peaceful Writers International (PWI).

She is doing her 12th from Indo Asian college, Bangalore. She is a commerce student and a writer from heart. she writes when her feelings hit deep, When she can't bear the pain, or even out of pleasure and happiness. she pen downs what she feels and what she thinks. She began writing for herself and eventually connected to anthologies, and started compiling and writing solo books too. 
You can connect with her on 
Instagram:- @alfikhan9999 , @words_of_a_lover_
Email id:- alfikhans999@gmail.com

RIYA GUPTA, Chief Executive Officer
Riya Gupta-Peaceful Writers International

AAKASH RAGHAV, Chief Administrator

आकाश राघव का जन्म उत्तर प्रदेश राज्य के बुलंदशहर जिले के छोटे से गांव मीरपुर में 2 फरवरी 1998 को हुआ था । इन्होंने अपना साहित्य में पहला निबंध स्वामी विवेकानंद संस्थान द्वारा आयोजित वार्षिक निबंध प्रतियोगिता में लिखा जिसमे इन्हे स्कूल की तरफ से प्रथम सम्मान के साथ प्रशस्ति पत्र द्वारा सम्मानित किया। पुनः कक्षा दस में आयोजित वार्षिक प्रतियोगिता में भी अव्वल रहे । इन्होंने अभी तक स्नातक की परीक्षा उत्तीर्ण की है ।साहित्य के क्षेत्र में इनकी कई रचनाएं अभी तक सम्मिलित पुस्तकों ने प्रकाशित हो चुकी हैं।

DEBASMITA GHOSH, Brand Ambassador

Meet Debasmita Ghosh hailing from  Kolkata ,West Bengal, who is ambitious and ambivert . Currently pursuing her academics from CISCE affiliated Anglo Indian Institution in field of Science & Art. She is a published writer , featured Podcaster and is engaged in serving all with various Social Activities. Inspite of co-authoring more than 20 anthologies, she never fails to bleed with ink. Believing that life is a wheel and failure is the best teacher, she wishes to move forward in her journey. 

She is the Brand Ambassador of the Peaceful Writers International (PWI) which is an international government registered writing community. 
HOD of Advt. Dept at HoL& NOA, Project Head at QIP, Dettol Protector, Partners the Child In Need Institute (CINI) in 2014, Winner of Collins RJ Hunt 2021, An awardee of All India Best Writer's Award (AIBA ) 2021, KALAM RATNA AWARDEE 2021, 
Covid Warrior ( Comrade ) by TWOHT (ISO certified), Part of Green Soldier Campaign, Completed Leadership Program by Dr. Vivek Bindra, OMG Record Participant for International Yoga Day, Praticipated in Asia Youth International Model United Nations Academy by International Global Network, Got the title of "THE BEST INSPIRING WRITER" for the book "The Age of Ash", 
Ranked 2nd in Writer's Festival Season 12, 
Member of House Of Humanity Foundation ( HOH ), NGO, placed herself in the list of Bharatiya Youth Face of India 2021, Completed the Fundraising Internship from the Muskurahat Foundation, Certifiedly pleadged for "Say No To Child Labour & Rise Against It ", "Young Warriors Pledge", "Pledge for Anti Dowry ", "International Women's Day 2020 Pledge " approved by Ministry of Labour & Employment, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports and Ministry of Women & Child Development respectively under the Government of India. She was also the Co-Founder of the Pratibha Writer Community,  last but not least she secured 9th & 15th positions in the International Olympiad of English and Science respectively for session 2020 - 2021.
Her aim is to fulfil the aim of others.
You can get her in touch on
Instagram: the_mysterious_maiden & Mystic_Mine_By_Debasmita 
Your quote: debasmitaghosh321
Twitter: d_leo_speaks 
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/debasmita-ghosh-934961214

With an aim to support the budding writers, PWI stands with you forever.

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